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Join the movement of positive change in Memphis! Support JESSRAN and help transform lives through education with their groundbreaking program, Equity 2 Prosperity (E2P). Be a catalyst for equity and prosperity by donating today and empowering the next generation to thrive and succeed. Together, we can create a brighter future for Memphis, one child at a time.


Our Mission

JESSRAN CORPORATION'S mission is to reduce poverty's effect on communities through academic, economic, cognitive and social support programs. We envision a world in which poverty's negative and perpetual effects are eliminated.

Led by the visionary Eric Harris, E2P is not just another academic initiative. It's a powerful force for change, ensuring that every child, starting from the tender age of 2, has access to quality education and the financial resources necessary to thrive.

But we can't do it alone.

We need YOUR support to continue providing life-changing opportunities to children and families in our community.

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What We Do


Academic Support

Our academic efforts will focus on early childhood education. Equitable educational practice during children's most impressionable ages will equate to a more successful experience in grades PreK-12.


Economic Support

Economic efforts will focus on deterring the negative fiscal impact on local and/or state economies. We support impoverished families by providing pathways to immediate financial relief and the elimination of generational effects.


Holistic Support

Our academic efforts will focus on early childhood education. Equitable educational practice during children's most impressionable ages will equate to a more successful experience in grades PreK-12.

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Equity 2 Prosperity Project (E2P) 

The Equity2Prosperity Project (E2P) will accept 2-yr-old children of families that are eligible for Medicaid, recipients of public benefits, part of coordinated entry system through social service agencies and meet low-income criteria, living in Section 8 housing or low rent public housing, or are eligible for National School Lunch Program

How It Works

  • Children must be age 2 on or before August

  • Classes will follow the kindergarten/primary school model and lead by certified teachers

  • No tuition charge for eligible families

  • Families will receive assistance in financial literacy, health awareness, parent-child academic support

  • The length of the program is 24 months

Families of enrolled children will receive a $500 Guaranteed Income Payment each month for the duration of the program

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Eric Harris is an accomplished educator with a strong academic background. Throughout his career, he has worked as a history teacher, coach, assistant principal, and principal in various schools. Eric has also held positions such as Director of Student Operations for the State of Tennessee Achievement School District and School Administrator in the Whitehaven Empowerment Zone. His experience in supporting turnaround efforts in underperforming schools has led him to emphasize the importance of a holistic approach to education and the alignment of educational institutions. Eric believes in equitable learning environments and the early start of formal education. He is now the president of the JESSRAN Corporation, leading their flagship program Equity 2 Prosperity, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving children's educational opportunities and family well-being.


Meet The Founder

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"JessRan is doing GREAT WORK. My 3 year old is enrolled and when I say he is learning on a higher level, his communication and vocabulary for his age is phenomenal. He will be kindergarten ready and at the learning rate he's moving in he could possibly test out.

Laura, Memphis

Get Involved

Your generous contribution will directly impact the lives of children in need, enabling them to receive a top-notch education and empowering their families with financial support. Every dollar makes a tangible difference, breaking down barriers and opening doors to brighter futures.

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